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M.N.B Cancer Institute

M.N.B Cancer institute was inaugurated on 24th November 1995, as an integral part of the Sadhu Vaswani Medical Complex.

This Institute is the only comprehensive cancer treatment facility in Maharashtra outside Mumbai. Till the establishment of M.N.B Cancer Institute, patients in pune and surrounding areas who requires multidisciplinary cancer treatment had to go to Mumbai.

The cancer Institute was designed and planned to ensure a close co-ordination between all disciplines and departments, ensuring that the patient receives comprehensive care. Diagnosis is aided by the best equipment Computerized Mammography, Spiral CT Scan and Dual Head Gamma Camera.

Other cutting edge diagnostic tools that are available include- on table frozen section, receptor assays and tumor marker studies.

Radiation Therapy is delivered through world class systems such as Linear Accelerator , Micro Seectron HDR, Simulator and Treatment Planning Computer A Dedicated & expert team of medical and surgical oncology specialists are available.

We are committed to the relentless campaign against cancer, with the slogan “Cancer…Let’s beat it!”

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Our Public Relations Cell in the hospital lobby will be glad to assist you with any problems or enquiries.
All patients, on discharge, fill a feedback form rating the hospital on various parameters. Your suggestions and comments are reviewed by top management. We are committed to ensuring that in line with our value and vision , you receive nothing but the best treatment from us.
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