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Orthopedics and Joint Replacement

  • Well equipped department with 5 qualified and senior orthosurgeons.

  • Surgeries done include:

  • Fracture fixation by open and minimally invasive techniques.
  • Closed fixation of fractures under C-Arm.
  • Semi and total joint replacement.
  • Arthroscopy of knee and shoulder.
  • Spinal surgeries e.g. discondectomy, Steffi Plate fixation, Hart Shell operation, Polytrauma management etc.
  • Active in research and academic up gradation activities. The department has been conducting various meetings, seminars and workshops with active involvement of PG students.
  • Till now, 5 workshops have been organized on joint replacement interlocking nailing, Ender's nailing etc. International guest faculty is also invited for lectures and demonstrations.
  • Workshops on bipolar hip replacement have been held in various parts of Maharashtra by our doctors.
  • Free Orthopedic camps are regularly conducted.

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