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Radiation Oncology

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One of the few centre’s in the country to offer conformal Radiotherapy which protects normal structures up to 80% and has no side effects.

  • A fluoroscopy with X-Ray facility which simulates the treatment machine in all respects.
  • An immobilization cast is made, the tumor is localized and treatment parameters selected to aim the radiation beams precisely onto the affected area accurately and adequately while sparing surrounding organs.
  • The parameters are verified by the computer before the actual treatment is delivered and only this portion is subject to CT-Scan.

Treatment planning computer

  • A dedicated computer with advanced software
  • Uses details of tumor fed in from simulator and CT Scan to provide 3-dimensional reconstruction of the tumor and surrounding organs.
  • Calculates the precise dosage required to have maximal effect on tumor while sparing surrounding organs and giving 3-D reconstructed image with iodine distribution for the tumor.


Dual Energy Linear Accelerator

  • Outside Mumbai, this is the only equipment of its kind in Maharashtra.
  • Worldwide, the Dual Energy Linear Accelerator has revolutionized the treatment of tumors by providing for highly focused delivery of high energy photons and electrons.
  • Hence only tumor tissue is radiated and surrounding normal tissue is spared. Deeper lying tissues are spared With electrons and specific depth of radiation can also be selected.
  • This allows for the dose of radiation to be increased in some cases, with higher chance of cure, through conformal radiotherapy.
  • Minimal side effects as compared to cobalt therapy.

Theratron 780C (Cobalt 60 Units)

  • The gold standard worldwide in cancer therapy, ideal for treatment of palliative patients.

High Dose Rate (HDR) Brach therapy

  • Equipment providing a form of radiation where a radioactive isotope is introduced within or very close to a tumor.
  • An applicator & needles are inserted directly into the tumor to give radiation.
  • Allows tumors to be treated in a matter of minutes, in a simple procedure, where the patient does not even have to get admitted to hospital.
  • Most commonly used for treatment of malignancy in females and treatment of brain tumors.
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