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Radiology and Ultrasonography

Open 24 hours. Call 6609 9729.

The latest equipment are available:
64 Slice Toshiba Acquillon CT Scanner (with 3-D reconstruction)
  • 64 Slice CT enables continuous scanning ensuring shorter scanning time and higher accuracy.
  • The patient is more comfortable on this Multi Slice CT scanner as compared to conventional scanner, and receives a lower dose of radiation.
  • Facility of 3-D imaging allows image reconstruction of bony structures.
  • Can pick up the smallest of lesions, and even deep seated tumors and lesions can be localized with precision.
  • CT-Angio available.

Conventional radiology
  • Wipro GE Digital X-ray unit (500MA); Allengers Mobile Digital X-ray and three portable units. Additionally, C-Arm facility provided for operation theatres and portable X-Ray units are available in the ICU and on every floor of the hospital.
  • X-Ray Unit equipped with Image Intensifiers for Video Fluoroscopy.
  • All routine diagnostic X-Ray procedures carried out.

  • Routinely used to investigate a wide range of conditions and almost all the organs in the body.
  • Special transducers are available for imaging of superficial and soft tissue structures.
  • Transvaginal sonography available.

Colour Doppler
Used to visualize arterial and venous systems of the body, and to study-arterial narrowing and vascularity of various organs.

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